Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Norah - Fort Wayne, IN } Portrait Photography

Ahh, this was a really awesome photography session. We didn't have a ton of time and I think I could have done some more interesting things if we weren't so rushed, but all in all, these turned out pretty amazing. Prom dress in the woods? Awesome. Thank you Norah, for being my guinea pig once again. :) You're a bestie. ;)
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

{Vanessa} Senior Session, Fort Wayne, IN

We had an unusually warm day for November which was a HUGE plus. We didn't have a lot of time however, but we made it work and got some pretty good pictures, if I do say so myself. :) I really enjoyed this session and the photos from it are some of my favorite that I have ever done.

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{Kelsey} Senior Session, Fort Wayne, IN

It was a chilly day - Halloween, in fact - the day we had Kelsey's senior session. But we braved the cold and got some good pictures. :) I tried out a couple of new locations downtown and was pretty pleased with the results.

Senior sessions start at $75. Visit alaurenphoto.com to find out more information and to book a session today! Email me at ashlee@alaurenphoto.com!

{Ashley} Senior Session, Fort Wayne, IN

This session actually took place a few weeks ago - I am super behind at getting my blog updated. I know, I know, bad photographer award. :P But actually there has been a lot going on in my personal life the past few weeks that has gotten everything off track. But hopefully I can get caught up on everything soon - as long as no other calamities happen! Not that I'm superstitious, but: KNOCK ON WOOD. :)

We had a beautiful day for this session. We tried to get into the Grand Wayne Center but it was closed, I guess because it was the weekend (poo!). I got some really great pictures regardless. The first picture below was a little gem I didn't realize I had until today (or was it yesterday...? not sure lol). It is now officially one of my all-time favorites. :)

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